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Application of entertaining questions and answers, either locally or online

Application of entertaining questions and answers, which allows you to type test between the full range of questions that are included as well so you can download online Test type of people who have uploaded from anywhere in the world on dozens of subjects and languages.

Not only that but also allows you to enter your own questions, these questions you've entered your if you want to share online and if you do not want to use multiple choice exams locally.

Once you've completed a test:
- Repeat
- Back to the questions you got wrong,
- Back to questions that changed with the chosen answer
- Back to the questions you've thought too

In addition to entertain what will help you save for your tests and exams.

Get points on your online profile with each test you do and you will be part of the TOP 20 in your country, or even the World TOP 20.

The online test will be available a certain number of days after the end really in the final assessment score of all the people who have done and what position you're out.

You can make test locally without connecting to the internet with all variety of questions that are included. For the challenges internet online if necessary, but once you've downloaded an online test and you've finished, you can repeat it many times to want locally without internet.

You can do the test locally with questions written in any language, but to upload test questions and answers online can only be in the following languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Swedish, Italian, Dutch, Icelandic , Norwegian, Welsh, Danish, Afrikaans, Aragonese, Asturian, Catalan, Scottish, Faroese, Finnish, Galician and Euskera.
Do not turn up an online test in another language that is not on that list.

The application comes bundled with some test questions are:
== In Spanish
- 200 Questions General Culture
- 500 Questions Gossip - TV
- 1000 Film Questions
- 30 Questions JaƩn Capital
- 100 questions of constitutional law
- 156 Civil rights questions
- 112 questions in Criminal law
- 79 questions of procedural law
- 100 Questions about the verbs in English
- 100 Questions about computer science in English Words
- 300 Questions in English Adjectives of Personality
- 30 MIR Medical Questions
- 2000 Questions Municipalities of Spain, so you can check if you know which province each municipality belongs
- 216 Questions about the capital of each country in the world
- 100 Numerical aptitude Questions
- 80 Questions on Civil Service Basic Statute: EBEP
- 60 Questions on basic
- 30 Questions about Spelling

== In English
- 30 questions on various topics in English

More on my website.

The application is translated into English and Spanish

Note: If you had installed the free version: Teskinet Free Quiz and get this application for payment, you can uninstall the free version and not lose the test I do with this version, completed these tests will be kept in the Pro version

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